From 07/20/2010 to 08/18/2010


11:44 PM Revision f65e63b2 (rsb-cpp): treat dependencies as system libraries to prevent warnings
S. Wrede
10:49 PM Revision 50c1e5ed (rsb-cpp): onnect router publish with out port
refs #40 J. Wienke
10:40 PM Tasks #48 (Resolved): Add and Test Doxygen Documentation Generator Target
S. Wrede
10:38 PM Revision e3917ed1 (rsb-python): initial import of base classes
J. Wienke
10:32 PM Feature #47 (Resolved): Implement Reference Counting for Joined Groups in SpreadPort
As SpreadPort observes the Router, it joins and leaves Spread groups according to the current Subscriptions. Hence, w... S. Wrede
10:31 PM Feature #46 (Rejected): Implement Notification Whitelisting in AbstractFilter
Whitelisting prevents content-based matching if this has already been done by Ports. S. Wrede
10:26 PM Revision 1c8ba6a0 (rsb-cpp): simplifcation
J. Wienke
10:04 PM Revision a1a7493b (rsb-cpp): fixed install target
S. Wrede
09:00 PM Feature #45 (New): Add Conditional Parsing for User Data in Receiver Process
Currently, the ReceiverTask parses incoming notfications including the contained user data payload. Probably, content... S. Wrede
06:57 PM Revision ac08cced (rsb-cpp): use external protocol project
J. Wienke
05:54 PM Revision b1fffd59 (rsb-protocol): Extracted protocol buffer files to a new project
J. Wienke
05:14 PM Revision 165b6c75 (rsb-cpp): more find macros
J. Wienke
04:56 PM Revision e8f73366 (rsb-cpp): first working version in vuttingedge version
J. Wienke
04:31 PM Revision 00549ee4 (rsb-cpp): added eclipse project files
S. Wrede


01:34 AM Tasks #35 (Closed): Check-In of RSB Prototype
S. Wrede
01:33 AM Feature #44 (Resolved): Implement basic introspection support
Basic introspection will allow:
* Being notified of created and destroyed participants ✓
* Querying the currently e...
S. Wrede
01:32 AM Tasks #43 (Closed): Encapsulate Transport Implementations in Extension Libraries
in particular Spread S. Wrede
01:31 AM Tasks #42 (Resolved): Test Robustness of Prototype
Severe Testing of the framework and Port Implementations is needed if we want to use it fast. S. Wrede
01:30 AM Feature #41 (Resolved): Implement Message Sequencing
In order to send larger event notifications over fragmented port implementations. S. Wrede
01:29 AM Feature #40 (Resolved): Implment Publish... in Router
Forgot so far as I used the underlying port directly in my tests... S. Wrede
01:29 AM Feature #39 (Resolved): High-Level Pattern: Publish-Subscribe
Implementation based on Router should now be relatively easy.
Should be tested extensively with InProcessPort as well.
S. Wrede
01:26 AM Revision 21a3f2a5 (rsb-cpp): initial import of RSB prototype
S. Wrede
01:07 AM Feature #34 (Closed): Implement Observer Pattern for Port / Event Processor
S. Wrede
08:59 PM Tasks #37 (Resolved): Extract TestSetup Routines into separate file
setup logging, register tests, ... S. Wrede


05:07 PM Tasks #35: Check-In of RSB Prototype
I would vote for a global svn structure with trunk, tags and branches and subfolders in this structure for the differ... J. Wienke


12:14 AM Tasks #36 (Rejected): Convert Existing Tests to gTest
S. Wrede
12:13 AM Tasks #35 (Closed): Check-In of RSB Prototype
S. Wrede
12:08 AM Feature #34 (Closed): Implement Observer Pattern for Port / Event Processor
Observer: Port
Observable: Event Processor
S. Wrede

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