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h1. Meetings 2012-02-02

h2. RST Release Management

h3. Type Consolidation

h3. Component-specific (non-domain) Data Types

* How can these be retrieved?
* Mandatory installation to file system?
* Other serialization formats than protobuf?

h2. Meeting Planning

# Collect additional topics
# Determine topic priorities
# Roughly assign to meeting slots (~ short-term, mid-term, long-term)

h2. Discussion

h3. Type Consolidation

* Open topics:
** Coordinate systems

h4. stable

* @rst/audition/ITD.proto@: filename should be full fulle name, not abbreviation (#848)
* Express Forces/Torques/Wrench still sandbox-ish (do you need wreench split up?)
* Do coordinate types need (optional) coordinate systems and units?
* Yes, express
units right inside the proto file
** For first release, check, that units are documented in every proto file
** For next release, check how to express units (enum?)
* For geometry/pointcloud types, we should tyes, check compliance with PCL
* For next release: Overwork image type (check ivimage)

h4. sandbox

* Ingo cleans up States/StateTransitions in TaskState
* How to handle platform-specific types
** Extend generic type (is that feasible with protobuf?)
* VICON type needs cleanup (e.g. redundant orientations)
** Should use rst/stable types (translation/orientation/pose)
* geometry/PointPair into 2DPointPair and 3DPointPair

h4. sandbox -> stable

# TaskState
# geometry