From 10/10/2011 to 11/08/2011


03:32 PM Revision 5: Revived YARP driver in drivers/yarp/*
refs #689
* drivers/CMakeLists.txt: added YARP driver as subproject
* drivers/yarp/CMakeLists.txt: removed source fil...
J. Moringen
03:00 PM Revision 4: API adaptations and cleanup in RSB driver
* drivers/rsb/src/Common.{h,cpp}: adapted includes to forward
declarations and pimpl in RSB; cleanup
* drivers/rsb/...
J. Moringen


06:49 PM Feature #689 (In Progress): Incorporate YARP into Benchmarking Suite
J. Moringen
04:47 PM Feature #689 (Closed): Incorporate YARP into Benchmarking Suite
S. Wrede
05:00 PM Feature #690 (Feedback): Validate Benchmarking Setup
S. Wrede
04:48 PM Feature #690 (Feedback): Validate Benchmarking Setup
* multiple drivers in a single or in separate processes?
* check if we can still run the tests on an embed...
S. Wrede
04:59 PM Enhancement #691 (New): Full Automatization of Benchmarking Setup
* Build and deployment for RSB and contenders. Currently:
** Platforms: i686 workstation, i586 embedded ...
S. Wrede


07:37 PM Revision 3: Removed some unnecessary files
* //CMakeFiles: removed; generated
* orchestration/*.fasl: removed; compiler cache
J. Moringen
01:15 PM Revision 2: benchmarking code
J. Wienke
01:14 PM Revision 1
J. Wienke

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