From 11/06/2011 to 12/05/2011


07:54 PM Enhancement #125 (Resolved): Change existing loggers on logging system reselection
J. Wienke
05:53 PM Enhancement #125 (In Progress): Change existing loggers on logging system reselection
J. Wienke
07:54 PM Revision fb38a025 (rsc): Switch existing loggers to new logging system on reselection
refs #125 J. Wienke
07:14 PM Bug #746 (New): Logger-Tree in LoggerFactory is not cleaned from abandoned loggers (pruning?)
This map is filled up all the time but abandoned loggers are not removed.
A nice solution with the new LoggerProxy...
J. Wienke
06:33 PM Revision dd4ad657 (rsc): Use a proxy to loggers for clients instead of directly returning the log...
refs #125 J. Wienke
06:19 PM Revision d8450cb8 (rsc): remove old singleton code
J. Wienke
06:14 PM Revision dc37d70f (rsc): Let LoggerFactory use the Singleton base class instead of its own custom...
06:01 PM Revision c35a66d7 (rsc): Add a proxy which allows to hide a logger behind the logger interface to...
refs #125 J. Wienke


02:36 PM Revision 5ac4cacd (rsc): * Allow to use RSC also from the build dir on downstream projects
* Make the protobuf generate macro work with multiple protoroots J. Wienke


05:24 PM Revision fbe1a1ff (rsc): Let downstream projects also work against the build tree of RSC using CM...
J. Wienke


06:14 PM Revision d399cf8c (rsc): * add ContainerIO support for std::deque
* make printable printing 0-pointer safe J. Wienke
10:43 AM Bug #133 (Rejected): Protocol buffers macro does not regenerate on proto-change
I cannot reproduce this anymore. Maybe it is related to the CMake version. This would be an upstream bug which we can... J. Wienke
10:40 AM Enhancement #721 (Resolved): Allow inline-suppression in GenerateCppcheck.cmake
Applied in changeset r421. J. Wienke
10:33 AM Enhancement #721 (In Progress): Allow inline-suppression in GenerateCppcheck.cmake
J. Wienke
10:39 AM Revision 8fa732b5 (rsc): Enable inline suppressions for cppcheck
fixes #721 J. Wienke


11:59 AM Revision 4d72e982 (rsc): make protocol buffers macro matlab-extension-aware
J. Wienke


05:53 PM Revision 5f217269 (rsc): add a deleter for boost::shared_ptr which enables to use a pointer in a ...
J. Wienke


05:57 PM Enhancement #721 (Resolved): Allow inline-suppression in GenerateCppcheck.cmake
Either write it directly into the file, as done here:
M. Rolf


08:21 PM Revision 1d57fe0e (rsc): convert reference style to type& varName for being consistent with point...
J. Wienke
07:01 PM Revision 64d6e724 (rsc): Convert pointer style to type* varName to avoid warnings on windows when...
J. Wienke


08:15 PM Revision 72c43ca5 (rsc): try to fix compilation on windows
J. Wienke

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