From 05/22/2013 to 06/20/2013


11:45 AM Revision c48603c5 (rsc): fixes #1524: Remove singleton implementation of plugin Manager
Make this a class that clients can instantiate on their own.
* Manager.h: remove singleton implementation, make non-...
J. Wienke
11:16 AM Revision 6c8501e3 (rsc): Allow overriding plugins in a different path
Changed the name clash handling. Now it is possible to override a plugin
with a different one in another path. Howeve...
J. Wienke
09:51 AM Revision 778c51e3 (rsc): Remove TODO about testing missing symbols
I am unable to test this reliably on all platforms because many linkers
inherently check for missing symbols without ...
J. Wienke
09:01 AM Revision 3c1c876c (rsc): fixes#1529: Implement user exception wrapping
Optionally, wrap exceptions generated in init and shutdown methods for
plugins into a common runtime_error.
* Plugin...
J. Wienke
08:15 AM Revision b357ccb2 (rsc): fixes #1525: Document thread-safety of plugin mechanism
We guarantee no thread-safety at all. J. Wienke


02:43 PM Revision 8000389e (rsc): fixes #1420: Simplified plugin creation
Provide compund defines for the whole plugin method signatures. J. Wienke
01:56 PM Revision ebfafed3 (rsc): fixes #1522: Prevent resetting boost components
Only search for boost if this has not been done before to avoid
resetting the required boost components.
J. Wienke
01:48 PM Revision 3f067fe5 (rsc): fixes #1526: Prevent duplicated loading of plugins
Throw an exception in case of duplicated loading. J. Wienke
01:38 PM Revision 00f2975e (rsc): fixes #1523: Exception on plugin name clashes
Merge branch 'enhancement-1523' J. Wienke
12:48 PM Revision 4262755f (rsc): Document naming rules and exceptions.
J. Wienke
12:48 PM Revision 23ebc443 (rsc): Throw an exeception in case of conflicting plugins
* Manager.cpp: create exception in case of conflict
* Plugin.h: add getter for library path
* Plugin.cpp: likewise
* ...
J. Wienke
12:40 PM Revision 412a06ec (rsc): Provide unit tests for plugins
fixes #1178
Merge branch 'task-1178'
J. Wienke
12:25 PM Revision 9ac79259 (rsc): Increase boost version compatibility.
Prevent use of boost::filesystem::path::make_preferred. J. Wienke
11:21 AM Revision a1195d0b (rsc): Make unit tests compile on windows.
* Provider.h: Add a macro expansion for export symbols to be used with
the init and shutdown functions
* Plugin.cpp: ...
J. Wienke


09:41 PM Revision 4f193fd9 (rsc): Merge branch 'master' into task-1178
J. Wienke
09:37 PM Revision a6102596 (rsc): Fix compilation of google test for msvc11.
Adapt compile flags according to!topic/googlemock/uqP9yu9k6X4
The compi...
J. Wienke
07:30 PM Revision d14464e0 (rsc): Fix compilation of google test for msvc11.
Adapt compile flags according to!topic/googlemock/uqP9yu9k6X4
fixes #1527
J. Wienke


02:48 PM Revision 40aacda8 (rsc): Increase compatibility with old boost::filesystem versions
There was no c_str method on boost::filesystem::path previously. J. Wienke
02:47 PM Revision caf3d5e2 (rsc): Make plugin naming rules consistent across mac and linux.
As on mac there is no way to distinguish an so-version from a
user-defined name with numbers and dots, we have to mak...
J. Wienke
02:38 PM Revision df5e4180 (rsc): Correctly initialize all members of Plugin.cpp.
J. Wienke
02:32 PM Revision 7d86af55 (rsc): Use test fixtures.
Remove duplicated setup code for the plugin test by using test fixtures. J. Wienke
02:22 PM Revision 8472025a (rsc): Test and handle missing symbols in plugins.
* src/rsc/plugins/Plugin.cpp: Store whether a plugin was already loaded
* test/rsc/plugins/testplugin.cpp: use prepro...
J. Wienke
12:57 PM Revision 54d0b47a (rsc): Add a basic smoke test for the plugin system
* test/rsc/plugins/testplugin.cpp: A dummy plugin for the unit tests
writing init and shutdown calls to a file.
* tes...
J. Wienke


06:25 PM Revision 30e75ee7 (rsc): Add an example for the plugin use.
* examples/Plugin.cpp: a minimalistic dummy plugin
* examples/PluginUse.cpp: A main method listing, loading and unloa...
J. Wienke
06:19 PM Revision 764026d5 (rsc): Add missing implementation for Plugin::unload
The implementation was simply missing. J. Wienke
02:11 PM Revision 230d22bd (rsc): Added Windows support in src/rsc/plugins/Plugin.cpp
fixes #1176
* src/rsc/plugins/Plugin.cpp: include windows.h
(Plugin::loadLibrary): added plugin loading via LoadLi...
J. Moringen
02:10 PM Revision 887e7543 (rsc): Fix CurrentData functionality on windows.
* Install the required bat file. J. Wienke
11:48 AM Revision 7920456b (rsc): Fix pkg-config test on mac.
fixes #1514
J. Wienke


04:52 PM Revision e4ec17a2 (rsc): Removed --rpath option from pckconfig file
fixes #1291 Arne Nordmann
02:23 PM Revision ea0b9b96 (rsc): Fixes pkgconfig test for Mac
* On Mac the command 'mktemp' expects a template for the tmpdir name to create. Added this to the pkgconfig test scri... Arne Nordmann


04:14 PM Revision c52c500e (rsc): Do not assume a certain build layout for the pkg-config test.
refs #1443 J. Wienke
04:11 PM Revision 3694d7b9 (rsc): fixes #1502: Fix windows builds since naming changes for the library tar...
Replace the . character in the preprocessor symbols with _ as used by cmake.
Merge branch 'bug-1502'
J. Wienke
03:57 PM Revision 49d3cd14 (rsc): Prevent illegal symbol names in the exports.
Replace the . character in the target name (e.g. rsc0.9) with and underscore as CMake does during building the target. J. Wienke
03:47 PM Revision d4362c04 (rsc): Please adhere to coding conventions.
J. Wienke
01:57 PM Revision 8115496a (rsc): Please adhere to coding conventions.
J. Wienke
12:13 PM Revision c43dda11 (rsc): Add support for Windows in the cmake CURRENT_DATE function.
This uses a batch script calling the WMI host to acquire a parseable
date which is not localized by windows.
fixes #...
J. Wienke

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