From 09/24/2014 to 10/23/2014


05:11 PM Revision c4a63392 (rsc): Link against Psapi
J. Wienke
05:04 PM Enhancement #2063: simplify clumsy usage of DebugTools
I can work on that some time.
I suggest to keep the StackWalker code as is. I didn't touched anything there yet and ...
R. Haschke
03:07 PM Enhancement #2063 (In Progress): simplify clumsy usage of DebugTools
This issue cannot be resolved as long as things aren't in the master branch. ;)
Thanks for the work. I am fine wit...
J. Wienke
02:25 PM Feature #2047: Provide deprecated macro for static methods
You need to use this in the header, probably. Did you try that? J. Wienke
12:11 PM Revision cca78f6c (rsc): Fix compilation on recent gcc / boost versions
Somehow sig_atomic_t cannot be used as an int directly anymore in boost
format. Casting seems to be fine, though.
J. Wienke


10:20 PM Enhancement #2063 (Resolved): simplify clumsy usage of DebugTools
- extract + demangle C++ function names on Linux commit:43ee009
- removed class DebugTools, expose functions createB...
R. Haschke
10:07 PM Revision 78798d1e (rsc): Windows implementation for createBacktrace()
taken from R. Haschke
10:04 PM Revision 38c6e409 (rsc): removed DebugTools class, directly expose functions createBacktrace() + ...
R. Haschke
09:00 PM Revision 43ee009e (rsc): extracting and demangling function names from raw stack trace
R. Haschke
08:20 PM Revision 77de79e0 (rsc): Expect that currentHostId may fail in tests
As there is no easy way to determine the host id on windows, expect that
this fails in the unit tests.
J. Wienke
08:19 PM Revision c771b9cf (rsc): Add windows process info for external processes
Adds the missing methods to monitor external processes. This usually
requires elevated privileges on windows.
J. Wienke
08:18 PM Revision 0b3c7c2b (rsc): Add windows implementation for currentBootTime
This is at least an approximation up to the length of a few
J. Wienke
08:18 PM Revision 2b00b5fa (rsc): Describe windows API errors with strings
Adds a new utility function to convert the error code from GetLastError
into a string and applies it wherever possible.
J. Wienke
08:09 PM Revision e046a0ad (rsc): On windows, use MAX_PATH for program name length
Use the API constant instead of a custom one J. Wienke
08:02 PM Revision aafd83a7 (rsc): Fix windows currentCommandLineArguments wstring issue
The character array returned by the Windows API encodes a wstring and
not a string. Therefore, we need to handle it a...
J. Wienke
02:30 PM Enhancement #2065 (Resolved): Unintuitive exception in rsc::os::getProgramName in case of invalid...
Applied in changeset commit:rsc|634e92ddd16cffadec09a10579dc7283247def2f. J. Wienke
01:47 PM Enhancement #2065 (Resolved): Unintuitive exception in rsc::os::getProgramName in case of invalid...
See #2058 for the original issue.... J. Wienke
02:28 PM Revision 7b8d766f (rsc): Fix ProcessInfo.h comments
Some comments referred to the own process instead of the one given by
J. Wienke
02:27 PM Revision 634e92dd (rsc): Better exception message for getProgramName
In case a process does not exist, throw something more intuitive than an
internal detail of the stream.
fixes #2065
J. Wienke
11:06 AM Revision 74dfed41 (rsc): Remove debug cout in LinuxProcessInfo
J. Wienke


10:49 AM Enhancement #2063 (In Progress): simplify clumsy usage of DebugTools
Using backtrace functions requires a DebugTools object. Why did you choose for this rather clumsy design?
Instead ...
R. Haschke


07:10 PM Revision a81626c1 (rsc): Fixed commandline option extraction in src/rsc/os/LinuxProcessInfo.cpp
* src/rsc/os/LinuxProcessInfo.cpp (getCommandlineComponents): do not
include null-byte separator in extracted comma...
J. Moringen


07:53 PM Revision c284d8c6 (rsc): changed type of "port" property from uint to std::string
R. Haschke
07:53 PM Revision e84b7b72 (rsc): added missing #pragma once
R. Haschke
01:00 PM Feature #2047 (Rejected): Provide deprecated macro for static methods
Provide a @DEPRECATED@ macro for static methods and the according test. The current deprecated macros does not seem t... Anonymous


10:49 AM Bug #2042 (Resolved): semantics of rsc::runtime::Properties::set() not conform to documentation
While the doc says:
Sets a new property in the map. If a property with this name exits, the
new one will not ...
R. Haschke
10:33 AM Revision f4357e75 (rsc): basic uri class implementation
- parses strings into uri class
- basic test cases
- not supported (yet?): fragment, authoritive
R. Haschke
10:31 AM Revision d095c753 (rsc): clarified documentation
R. Haschke


04:59 PM Revision 4cfbf1d7 (rsc): Fix ParseArguments include in cmake/Modules/InstallDebugSymbols.cmake
* cmake/Modules/InstallDebugSymbols.cmake: changed include
GitProjectVersion -> ParseArguments; the former was prob...
J. Moringen

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