From 03/29/2015 to 04/27/2015


02:26 PM Tasks #2239 (Resolved): Release version 0.12
J. Wienke
02:10 PM Tasks #2239 (Resolved): Release version 0.12
J. Wienke
02:22 PM Version 0.12 has been released
Version 0.12 of project:rsc has been released today and is available as a branch in the git repository.
This is ju...
J. Wienke
02:17 PM Revision dd9e9260 (rsc): Version bump to 0.13
refs #2239 J. Wienke
01:53 PM Tasks #1782 (Resolved): Remove deprecated FindCBF macro
Removed since commit:e24edec8 Anonymous


06:11 PM Revision 38713cca (rsc): Always log to cerr
This is comparable to the conventions used by java.util.logging and
makes it more predictable where logging output oc...
J. Wienke

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