From 03/29/2016 to 04/27/2016


12:10 PM Enhancement #2538 (New): Include SIGHUP in signal handling code
In case a terminal is closed, running processes receive SIGHUP. Therefore we should also handle this signal type. J. Wienke


05:39 PM Revision a7cef349 (rsc): Clarified documentation of configure src/rsc/config/Configuration.h
* src/rsc/config/Configuration.h (configure): clarified description of
prefix-wide configuration and prefix parameter
J. Moringen


02:18 PM Revision 3e5f2585 (rsc): Coding style improvements in src/rsc/runtime/Properties.{h,cpp}
* src/rsc/runtime/Properties.{h,cpp}: untabified; whitespace changes in
documentation comments; {} around single-st...
J. Moringen

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