CMake Support Library

RSC contains different CMake scripts and macros. These include:

  • Find macros for various software packages like spread, BoostUUID, Eigen2, Log4cxx
  • EnableConverageReport - Support for HTML code coverage reports on GCC using gcov and lcov as well as XML reports based on gcovr.
  • EnableSlocCount - lines of code counting integration of SLOCCount
  • CheckInitMethod: Checks which compiler-specific method can be used to execute before the main method begins. This is e.g. useful to install extensions
  • InstallFilesRecursive: A macro to install files while preserving their folder structure. The normal install macro of CMake copies all given files into a flat list at the target location.
  • ParseArguments: Helper to parse arguments to CMake macros and functions with UPPERCASE keywords to separate lists.
  • GenerateCppcheck: Generate targets to perform static code analysis with cppcheck.
  • GenerateDoxygen: Creates a target to generate a Doxygen source code documentation.

All CMake files are installed to $prefix/share/cmake/Modules and available in the repository at source:/trunk/rsc/cmake.