Support classes for threading tasks like synchronized queues, a task abstraction, or a thread pools for dispatching asynchronous events with ordering guarantees.

Data Structures

  • SynchronizedQueue provides a reentrant queue

Task Pattern

An abstraction for executing tasks as self-contained pieces of work that are executed in different threads. The base class Task provides a simple interface somewhat inspired from the Java Runnable or Callable interfaces. Tasks are submitted to an implementation of TaskExecutor which is responsible of launching the task at some time. The lifecycle control of the task is done in the instance itself.

Besides the basic task, RepetitiveTask and PeriodicTask provide a base for tasks that execute a loop over and over again.


OrderedQueueDispatcherPool provides a threaded event dispatching strategy to interested clients with the guarantee that the event stream of each client is ordered. No guarantees are given between different clients.