Enhancement #1159

Name of protobuf jar in build.xml in RSB-Java is ancient

Added by F. Lier about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:08/31/2012
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Target version:rsb-0.9


From my point of view, the line in the build.xml

<property name="pbuf.lib" location="/usr/share/java/protobuf.jar" />

needs to be changed to

<property name="pbuf.lib" location="/usr/share/java/protobuf-java.jar" />

See: http://packages.ubuntu.com/de/precise/all/libprotobuf-java/filelist

Also maven2 is a dependency which is not listed in the Gar-Installer package

Associated revisions

Revision e3629778
Added by J. Moringen about 9 years ago

Modernized protobuf jar name in build.xml

fixes #1159
  • build.xml: changed name of protobuf jar protobuf.jar ->
    protobuf-java.jar; this is the upstream default and also used by
    Ubuntu since approximately precise


#1 Updated by F. Lier about 9 years ago

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Added maven2@ubuntu as a dependency in the Gar-Installer

#2 Updated by J. Moringen about 9 years ago

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We used protobuf.jar which was the correct default Ubuntu Lucid. However, both upstream and more recent Ubuntu versions use protobuf-java.jar. We changed the default accordingly in the trunk.

For older versions (e.g. 0.6, 0.7) please adapt the pbuf.lib property as described in the manual.

#3 Updated by J. Moringen about 9 years ago

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Applied in changeset rsb-java|commit:e3629778dce51aa8dd23dd4cfe012e33299ac065.

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