Bug #1662

6c1e55c6 broke converter selection - and unit tests did not catch it

Added by J. Moringen over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:11/22/2013
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Target version:rsb-0.10

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Revision 7e8ecda8
Added by J. Moringen over 9 years ago

Fix converter selection (again) in src/rsb/Factory.cpp

fixes #1662

The change in 6c1e55c6 broke converter selection by ignoring the
direction (serialization vs. deserialization). In my defense, not a
single unit test failed with the change.

  • src/rsb/Factory.{h,cpp} (ConverterDirection): new enum; used
    file-locally when referring to serialization vs. deserialization
    (converterSelectionToMap): renamed pairsToMap ->
    converterSelectionToMap; use ConverterDirection
    (prepareConnectorOptions): respect direction; use ConverterDirection
    (Factory::createInPullConnectors): pass direction to
    (Factory::createInPushConnectors): likewise
    (Factory::createOutConnectors): likewise
  • test/rsb/integrationtest.cpp (InformerTest::testConversion): new test;
    make sure converter selection works, at least at a basic level


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Applied in changeset rsb-cpp|commit:7e8ecda8fc48f43c4aeff85f6e4de41bbb2b89a1.

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