Bug #2578

Unable to build C++ software in a prefix which has multiple versions of a required dependency

Added by N. Köster over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Category:Jenkins API
Target version:0.6


When having multiple RSB versions installed (e.g. 0.12 and 0.13) in the same prefix (e.g. during a RSB version update), C++ programs which are build via the toolkit get confused and do not build anymore. The reason is that the creation of the according environment variables via find are filled with multiple lines.

See an example error

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Revision e32302f5
Added by J. Moringen over 7 years ago

Use first matching CMake package config file in src/project/aspects.lisp

fixes #2578

When multiple versions of a CMake package PACKAGE are installed in
different directories, the old find invocation found all of them and
yielded the absolute paths in a multi-line list which was used in CMake
-DPACKAGE_DIR= options, confusing CMake.

  • src/project/aspects.lisp (define-aspect cmake/unix): when searching
    CMake package configuration files, use the first match instead of a
    multi-line line list of all matching files


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