Bug #460

Compact Event Formatting Style is Useless

Added by J. Moringen almost 13 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Consider this:
event *Event[id = 6a19ae1d-669c-5bd6-b018-d77a7e7c27d1 type = std::string scope = Scope[/example/server/request/methodError/], metaData = MetaData[senderId = UUID[e1e60665-4e69-4448-a01c-a89ae0b4cb7d], creationTime = 1312042652325043, sendTime = 1312042652325282, receiveTime = 1312042652334687, deliverTime = 1312042652334807, userTimes = {}, userInfos = {ServerRequestId: 6db9066e-bac7-11e0-9ae7-001aa0342d7d}]] at 0x2492c30
  • Good: every datum has a label
  • Bad: includes irrelevant info (such as object address in memory)
  • Bad: way too verbose
The compact format of the Lisp logger looks like this:
2011-07-30T18:18:28.485102+02:00 E1E60665 #<EVENT /example/server/request/methodError/ T "bla" (3) 86453E61>
  • Good: compact
  • Bad: too cryptic


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The compact style of the CL logger is usable.

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