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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
1762TasksResolvedNormalDeploy rst 0.10 release to clf maven repositoryJ. Wienke02/19/2014 11:23 AMjava

1704EnhancementResolvedNormalSome examples would increase understandability J. Wienke12/20/2013 03:44 PMdocumentation

1702TasksResolvedNormalDocument Pre-Conditions for Building rst-java J. Wienke12/20/2013 02:59 PMdocumentation

1699BugResolvedNormalgit checkout does not work as described in the manualJ. Wienke12/20/2013 10:44 AMdocumentation

1697TasksResolvedNormalAdd Support Page to DocumentationJ. Moringen12/19/2013 06:52 PMdocumentation

1689TasksResolvedNormalReview sandbox data types for next releaseJ. Wienke12/16/2013 05:10 PMprotocol

1686TasksResolvedHighDocument adding new data typesJ. Wienke12/12/2013 05:56 PMdocumentation

1644BugResolvedHighC++ converters do not build on windowsJ. Wienke12/13/2013 05:38 PMcpp

1610EnhancementResolvedNormalGenerated pom.xml files should contain SNAPSHOT version for development releasesJ. Wienke09/05/2013 01:19 PMjava

1432BugResolvedNormalWrong debian opencv dependency in rst-converters01/17/2014 05:55 PMBuild System

1389BugResolvedNormalRSTSANDBOX_INCLUDE_DIRS is emptyJ. Wienke12/16/2013 09:35 AMdocumentation

1290BugResolvedNormalDo not set rpath option in rsc/ by default01/08/2014 10:05 AMBuild System


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