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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
2737FeatureFeedbackNormalAdd "Corenlp Dependency Tree" to SpeechHypothesisD. Hamann10/16/2017 09:23 PMType Proposal

2626TasksIn ProgressHighSeparate libraries for protocol buffer converter plugins and specialized converter plugins10/16/2017 09:23 PMBuild System

2617TasksNewNormalPlease document usage of RST with RSB10/16/2017 09:23 PMdocumentation

2612BugNewNormalWrong RST version used in python when building downstream project with setuptools07/14/2016 04:59 PMpython

2442TasksNewNormalCollect all necessary types for home automation patches12/04/2015 12:12 PMType Proposal

2441TasksNewNormalIntegrate homeautomation types11/23/2015 12:56 PMType Proposal

1824BugNewNormalWrong message URLs in sandbox package overviewJ. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMdocumentation

1724TasksNewNormalDocument Windows Installation from Source and Binary10/16/2017 09:23 PMdocumentation

1476FeatureFeedbackNormalAllow explicit selection of built converters10/16/2017 09:23 PMBuild System

1466TasksNewNormalReview and merge RST changes of ISY lecture01/07/2015 11:21 AMType Proposal

1384TasksIn ProgressNormalHighlight distinction between stable and sandbox types in generated manualJ. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMdocumentation

1277TasksIn ProgressNormalReorganize directories to allow foreign types and mappingsJ. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMBuild System

1276FeatureIn ProgressNormalUse rosetta for code generationJ. Moringen02/06/2014 05:32 PMBuild System

1261BugFeedbackLowRST manual (ab)uses Sphinx' Python domain for data types10/16/2017 09:23 PMdocumentation

842TasksNewNormalExtract Joint Mapping Information from JointState.proto into Seperate BodySchema Representation12/17/2015 09:19 AMprotocol

738TasksNewNormalSpecify color modes in more precisely11/28/2011 06:18 PM

631TasksFeedbackNormalMake revisions for each IDL file available at runtime02/19/2014 02:51 PMBuild System


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