From 10/23/2014 to 11/21/2014


09:00 PM Revision ba5241bb (rsb-python): Added RSB version in rsb/introspection/
refs #1837
* rsb/introspection/ (import rsb.version): new import;
necessary for determining RSB version...
J. Moringen
08:59 PM Revision 0f840800 (rsb-python): Added executing user in rsb/introspection/
refs #2036
* rsb/introspection/ (ProcessInfo.__init__): added
executingUser parameter; added correspond...
J. Moringen
08:57 PM Revision e54bb476 (rsb-python): Added {machine,software}{Type,Version} in rsb/introspection/__ini...
refs #1978
* rsb/introspection/ (HostInfo.__init__): accept machineType,
machineVersion, softwareType, ...
J. Moringen
08:39 PM Revision 42be8dd9 (rsb-cl): Handle empty executing-user, rsb-version in src/introspection/conversion
* src/introspection/conversion.lisp
(define-introspection-converter hello): treat empty values of
executing-user ...
J. Moringen
08:23 PM Revision 2aaeff99 (rsb-cpp): Include RSB version in introspection messages in src/rsb/introspection/
refs #1837
* src/rsb/introspection/Model.{h,cpp} (ProcessInfo::rsbVersion): new
member variable; stores the RSB ve...
J. Moringen
06:52 PM RSBag Revision f4b3199f (rsbag-cl): Fixed errors in src/rsb/replay/remote-controlled.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/remote-controlled.lisp
(replay replay-bag-connection remote-controlled): fixed variable name
J. Moringen
02:49 PM Bug #2100 (Rejected): RSB Java has protobuf version hard coded
Adaptation to protobuf version in environment is done using the script by calling the @protoc@ executable. S. Wrede
02:28 PM Bug #2100 (Rejected): RSB Java has protobuf version hard coded
RSB Java has the protobuf version hard-coded to 2.4.1 in its @pom.xml@, where instead it should use a similar mechani... N. Köster


09:16 PM Revision 4d59198d (rsb-manual): News entry for introspection functionality in news.rst
refs #1749
* news.rst (RSB 0.11): mention general availability of introspection;
explain level of support in indiv...
J. Moringen
09:10 PM Revision c055d4c0 (rsb-manual): Renamed { -> tool-}{info,logger,send,call,timesync}.rst
* tool-info.rst: renamed {info -> tool-info}.rst; adapted link anchor;
kept old link anchor for compatibility
* too...
J. Moringen
08:50 PM Feature #1828 (Resolved): Initial support for participant hierarchies
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-python|d4b7009a14d96a745d2ccc9ec42d961568e12838. J. Moringen
08:50 PM Feature #1743 (Resolved): Implement introspection event sender
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-python|5ae3b05059191ec7560fc4ad11a6b13d3fec5d3c. J. Moringen
08:42 PM Revision 49174376 (rsb-python): Added support for process start time in rsb/introspection/__init_...
refs #1823
Current implementation is Linux-only.
* rsb/introspection/ (__processStartTime): new variable...
J. Moringen
08:40 PM Revision d4b7009a (rsb-python): Support hierarchies of participants in rsb/**/*.py
fixes #1828
A parent participant can now be specified when a new participant is
created. The request-reply module sp...
J. Moringen
08:35 PM Revision 5ae3b050 (rsb-python): Import of introspection module in rsb/introspection/
fixes #1743
* rsb/ (createParticipant): when config.introspection is
True, load introspection module
* ...
J. Moringen
08:19 PM Feature #2036 (In Progress): Include id of executing user in process information
J. Moringen
08:18 PM Revision 840983a4 (rsb-protocol): Added executing_user in proto/rsb/protocol/operatingsystem/Proc...
refs #2036
* proto/rsb/protocol/operatingsystem/Process.proto
(Process::executing_user): new field; login- or acco...
J. Moringen
08:18 PM Revision 904df82e (rsb-protocol): Added rsb_version in proto/rsb/protocol/operatingsystem/Process...
refs #1837
* proto/rsb/protocol/operatingsystem/Process.proto
(Process::rsb_version): new field; version of the RS...
J. Moringen
07:47 PM RSBag Feature #2096: Allow looping replay in bag-play
Manual commit is commit:rsbag-manual|f0d635a4. J. Moringen
05:00 AM RSBag Feature #2096 (Resolved): Allow looping replay in bag-play
Applied in changeset commit:rsbag-tools-cl|a83f439500976bc95b07b9e2e37cef92c3b653d2. J. Moringen
04:16 PM Revision 7e2726d0 (rsb-cl): Support {machine,software}-{type,version} in src/introspection/*.lisp
refs #1978
* src/introspection/conversion.lisp
(define-introspection-converter): (de)serialize
J. Moringen
04:16 PM Revision 8d74f01f (rsb-cl): Support executing user in src/introspection/*.lisp
refs #2036
* src/introspection/platform-common.lisp (%current-user): new function;
determine account name via pass...
J. Moringen
04:16 PM Revision e0b0f080 (rsb-cl): Support RSB version in src/introspection/*.lisp
refs #1837
* src/introspection/model.lisp (process-info::rsb-version): new slot;
stores version of RSB implementat...
J. Moringen
04:13 PM Revision 31154b13 (rsb-cl): Avoid duplicate handler registration in src/introspection/variables.lisp
Previously, handlers were registered as functions instead of as symbols
leading to
1) redefinitions not being picked ...
J. Moringen
06:04 AM RSBag Revision c70652f4 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
05:10 AM RSBag Revision f0d635a4 (rsbag-manual): Added loop commandline option in common.rst
refs #1837
* common.rst (Replay-related Options): added loop commandline option
* bag-play.rst (Description): adjust...
J. Moringen
04:07 AM RSBag Revision 0e58e80a (rsbag-cl): Added repetitions in src/rsb/replay/*.lisp
refs #2096
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp (repetitions-mixin): new class;
stores a number of times a replay...
J. Moringen
03:53 AM RSBag Revision a83f4395 (rsbag-tools-cl): Support repeated replay in common/*.lisp, bag-{cat,play}/main...
fixes #2096
* common/options.lisp (header): updated copyright
(make-replay-options): added loop commandline option...
J. Moringen


09:28 PM RSBag Feature #2096 (In Progress): Allow looping replay in bag-play
J. Moringen
07:35 PM RSBag Feature #2096 (Resolved): Allow looping replay in bag-play
J. Moringen
08:51 PM RSBag Revision c7b5c859 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added simple entry transform option in bag-merge/main.lisp
* bag-merge/main.lisp (update-synopsis): added transform-datum
commandline option
(main): pass value of transform...
J. Moringen
08:31 PM RSBag Revision a0cd9de9 (rsbag-tools-cl): Transform datum before computing timestamp in bag-merge/trans...
* bag-merge/transcoding.lisp (header): updated copyright
(transcode channel channel): transform datum before comput...
J. Moringen
04:48 PM Revision fa9399eb (rsb-talks): Minor changes for isy overview 2014
Arne Nordmann
01:19 AM Revision 2309bbef (rsb-cl): Fixed scope in examples/introspection/logger.lisp
* examples/introspection/logger.lisp (toplevel): fixed scope with which
remote-introspection participant is created
J. Moringen
01:19 AM Revision b48884e5 (rsb-cl): Cosmetic changes in src/introspection/*.lisp
* src/introspection/platform-common.lisp
(call-with-platform-information-error-translation): added missing
J. Moringen
01:17 AM Revision 0a88e3b3 (rsb-cl): Run tests with reduced log level in rsb-introspection.asd
* rsb-introspection.asd (perform test-op eql :rsb-introspection-test):
configure logging with level :warn to make t...
J. Moringen
01:04 AM Revision 33277859 (rsb-cl): Minor refactoring in src/introspection/variables.lisp
* src/introspection/variables.lisp (exclude-from-introspection?): new
method; helper for deciding whether to includ...
J. Moringen


09:17 PM Revision 8bed3b50 (rsb-cl): Better handling of initialization errors in src/introspection/*.lisp
* src/introspection/mixins.lisp
(transport-specific-urls introspection-participant-mixin): do not
force instantia...
J. Moringen
08:52 PM Revision ccb7814a (rsb-cl): Improved transport options in composite participants in src/{patterns...
Previously, composite participants stored the transport options
explicitly supplied in the `make-participant' call. W...
J. Moringen
06:17 PM Revision 81f475ac (rsb-cl): Handle "pong" replies in src/introspection/remote-introspection.lisp
* src/introspection/remote-introspection.lisp
(handle introspection-receiver event): test for "pong" payload
J. Moringen
06:05 PM Revision 3793199e (rsb-cl): Fixes in test/introspection/remote-introspection.lisp
* test/introspection/remote-introspection.lisp
(test suite introspection-receiver-root): added missing super-suite
J. Moringen


09:13 PM Revision c358f027 (rsb-cl): Fixed configurations used in tests in test/[introspection/]package.lisp
* test/introspection/package.lisp (+introspection-configuration+): use
Boolean values instead of strings
* test/pac...
J. Moringen
09:12 PM Revision 10eaed56 (rsb-cl): Fix accepting scopes without leading "/" in src/scope.lisp
* src/scope.lisp (starts-with-/): new function; check whether a string
starts with "/"; mainly used with `satisfies...
J. Moringen
11:42 AM Revision 7e01f6e0 (rsb-java): backport of workaround for
S. Wrede


09:59 PM Revision 2b91d45f (rsb-protocol): {machine,software}-{type-version} in proto/rsb/protocol/operati...
refs #1978
* proto/rsb/protocol/operatingsystem/Host.proto (Host::machine_type):
new field; CPU architecture of th...
J. Moringen
09:14 PM Revision 8a6b3af7 (rsb-tools-cpp): fixes for compatibility to Qt4
R. Haschke
08:50 PM Feature #1837 (In Progress): Include RSB version in process introspection information
J. Moringen
08:24 PM Revision 07177064 (rsb-manual): Fixed a missing word in specification-introspection.rst
* specification-introspection.rst (Process and Host Introspection):
fixed missing word
J. Moringen
09:16 AM Revision af9c7ec5 (rsb-tools-cpp): fixed a boost incompatibility
R. Haschke
01:48 AM Revision 9971edcf (rsb-tools-cpp): configure time formats
R. Haschke
01:47 AM RSBag Revision ea234893 (rsbag-cl): Fixed over-specific dependencies in rsbag-{elan,tidelog}.asd
* rsbag-elan.asd (header): updated copyright
(system rsbag-elan-test): made dependencies on systems rsbag-elan and
J. Moringen


09:45 PM Revision 7a2f6997 (rsb-tools-cpp): auto show/hide columns on resize of EventListWidget
R. Haschke
04:07 PM Revision d82db9d2 (rsb-tools-cpp): allow for hiding of event data columns
R. Haschke


11:29 PM Revision 63696dbe (rsb-tools-cpp): some more sugar: allow manual and automatic disabling of sorting
R. Haschke
10:30 PM Revision a9085d6e (rsb-tools-cpp): enabled converter reordering by drag&drop
R. Haschke
08:59 PM RSBag Revision 9b272429 (rsbag-tools-cl): Added dependency on rsb-introspection system in cl-rsbag-tool...
This lets all tools publish introspection events and thus appear in
introspection reports.
* cl-rsbag-tools-main.asd...
J. Moringen
05:10 PM Revision 22e5dc80 (rsb-tools-cl): Added dependency on rsb-introspection system in cl-rsb-tools-ma...
refs #1740, refs #1751
This lets all tools publish introspection events and thus appear in
introspection reports.
J. Moringen
11:24 AM Revision 45989c06 (rsb-tools-cpp): depend on all top-level ui forms
R. Haschke
11:24 AM Revision bfac928a (rsb-tools-cpp): sligthly improved listener::ConfigForm
R. Haschke
11:24 AM Revision b8d00471 (rsb-tools-cpp): allow to configure converters / viewers
R. Haschke
11:23 AM Revision f0e99037 (rsb-tools-cpp): utils.cpp for generic utility functions
removeSelectedRows(QItemSelectionModel*) R. Haschke


09:32 PM Revision ff441644 (rsb-cpp): renamed arg wireType to wireSchema for consistency
R. Haschke
09:10 PM Feature #1833 (Resolved): Remove crashed processes from database after a (configurable) while
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|708c28e28fd9948726c29b8e3d7e5839c560947a. J. Moringen
09:10 PM Feature #1744 (Resolved): Implement introspection event receiver and client API
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|708c28e28fd9948726c29b8e3d7e5839c560947a. J. Moringen
09:10 PM Feature #1830 (Resolved): Initial support for participant hierarchies
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|708c28e28fd9948726c29b8e3d7e5839c560947a. J. Moringen
09:10 PM Feature #2037 (Resolved): Estimate clock offset and commucation latency of remote hosts and proceses
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|0a411c62f3c0f2b2c3cfe51eb3d47d7282f7a78e. J. Moringen
09:10 PM Feature #1740 (Resolved): Implement introspection event sender
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|90bc27a442a4686da0f3c72251ae4d8ecf301ced. J. Moringen
09:06 PM Revision 52a35c0a (rsb-cl): Added reloading support in src/introspection/reloading.lisp
* src/introspection/reloading.lisp: new file; install hook to
reinitialize local introspection after reloading an i...
J. Moringen
09:06 PM Revision dc5f0989 (rsb-cl): Introspection example examples/introspection/logger.lisp
* test/examples.lisp (test-example): added workaround for SBCL
* examples/introspection/logger.lisp: new file; simple...
J. Moringen
09:05 PM Revision 708c28e2 (rsb-cl): Added remote introspection in src/introspection/remote-introspection....
fixes #1744, fixes #1830, fixes #1833
The remote introspection implementation consists of three layers:
* `introspec...
J. Moringen
09:04 PM Revision 0a411c62 (rsb-cl): Added timing-tracker in src/introspection/timing-tracking.lisp
fixes #2037, refs #1744
The `timing-tracker' class applies the basic NTP algorithm to estimate
clock offsets of remo...
J. Moringen
09:03 PM Revision 90bc27a4 (rsb-cl): Added local introspection in src/introspection/local-introspection.lisp
fixes #1740, refs #1830
Local introspection is implemented as a database container information
about the local host,...
J. Moringen
09:02 PM Bug #2083: rsb-java maven/jenkins build on ubuntu14.04 fails executing ant tasks
This is actually something inside maven, and not directly related to rsb java. J. Wienke
03:37 PM Bug #2083 (Rejected): rsb-java maven/jenkins build on ubuntu14.04 fails executing ant tasks
I am currently trying to build the lsp-csra-nightly distribution on my laptop with ubuntu 14.04 and the rsb-java-mast... V. Richter
08:44 PM Revision 29ab7684 (rsb-cl): Added introspection mixins in src/introspection/mixins.lisp
refs #1740, refs #1744
* src/conditions (no-such-participant-error): new condition; signaled
when a participant ca...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision 8c1455bd (rsb-cl): Added converters for introspection messages in src/introspection/conv...
refs #1740, refs #1744
* src/introspection/conversion.lisp: new file; contains converters
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision b9e715d4 (rsb-cl): Made named participant construction tests optional in test/package.lisp
The `define-basic-participant-test-cases' macro used to generate test
cases for the named `make-KIND' participant con...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision ccd01e09 (rsb-cl): Added timed-executor{,/weak} in src/util.lisp
This is likely a temporary solution until we get a proper event-based
executor infrastructure.
* src/protocol.lisp (...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision 24059edd (rsb-cl): Added introspection? parameter to participant creation in src/**/*.lisp
refs #1740
* src/protocol.lisp (make-participant): accept introspection? keyword
parameter; adjusted documentation...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision b55b2727 (rsb-cl): Added parent parameter to participant creation functions in src/**/pr...
refs #1830
* src/protocol.lisp (make-participant): accept parent keyword parameter;
updated documentation string a...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision 352375a0 (rsb-cl): Support for gathering platform information in src/introspection/platf...
refs #1740, refs #1823
New functions that use platform-specific mechanism to gain information
about the current proc...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision ac827101 (rsb-cl): Added introspection model in src/introspection/model.lisp
refs #1740, refs #1744, refs #1830
Introspection model classes
* for platform information: participants, processes a...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision 4727782a (rsb-cl): Use timed-executor in src/transport/spread/fragmentation.lisp
This gets rid of the problem of massive amounts of pruning threads being
created but not cleaned up.
* src/transport...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision dd56e082 (rsb-cl): Initial introspection infrastructure in src/introspection/*.lisp
refs #1740, refs #1744
* src/introspection/conditions.lisp: new file; contains conditions used
by the introspectio...
J. Moringen
08:44 PM Revision cb1a4630 (rsb-cl): Instance (re)initialization fixes in src/patterns/request-reply/*.lisp
* src/patterns/request-reply/server.lisp
(shared-initialize :before method1 t): only check name if it has been
J. Moringen
03:17 PM Bug #2080 (Closed): spread connect error
J. Moringen
03:08 PM Bug #2080: spread connect error
Thanks, Jan.
I find the problem. I am creating/destroy the informer during its running. My problem is solved.
Q. Li
01:46 PM Bug #2080 (Feedback): spread connect error
Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, it does not contain enough information to diagnose the problem. Please provide ... J. Moringen
08:31 AM Revision 2020cb74 (rsb-tools-cpp): more time-efficient method to keep Converter::Ptrs intact
R. Haschke
07:05 AM Revision 3df2f7d0 (rsb-tools-cpp): lazy event conversion
R. Haschke


08:42 PM Feature #2051 (In Progress): Qt-based graphical event logger
R. Haschke
10:42 AM Bug #2080 (Closed): spread connect error
I am using RSB for two computer(kuka-vision and kuka-arm) communication.
The communication can be constructed, but ...
Q. Li
08:35 AM Revision 864cacff (rsb-tools-cpp): receive all events as raw bytearray
R. Haschke


09:01 PM Revision 32a17079 (rsb-tools-cpp): cached event receiving, auto-switch-off last event tracking
R. Haschke
08:16 PM Tasks #1882 (In Progress): Document void -> void RPC in the troubleshooting section of the manual
J. Moringen
06:03 PM Bug #2079 (Rejected): Format string in warning about duplicate converters is wrong
From a bug report:
> Ich weiß nicht wie problematisch das ist, aber im flobi server output von InproTK fliegen zie...
J. Moringen
02:08 PM Revision 4c3d73dd (rsb-tools-cpp): show EventListWidget's config dialog only once
R. Haschke
02:08 PM Revision d83307ee (rsb-tools-cpp): correctly reset view filters, such that all attached views get...
R. Haschke
02:08 PM Revision c0d0308b (rsb-tools-cpp): better handling of Return and Tab keys in filter::ConfigForm->...
R. Haschke
02:07 PM Revision 2393dfa9 (rsb-tools-cpp): adjusted preferred size of filter::ConfigForm
R. Haschke
02:07 PM Revision ac79b675 (rsb-tools-cpp): fixed toolBar handling
toolBars used to stay in the MainWindow's widget list,
dangling around also after deletion of associated widget
R. Haschke
02:07 PM Revision 5a8c5a89 (rsb-tools-cpp): finalized receive filter
FilterTree with invertable sub filters can only be traversed directly in
receiveEvent method. Deriving a rsb::filter:...
R. Haschke
01:36 AM Revision dcae4b9d (rsb-tools-cpp): receive filter
R. Haschke


12:50 AM Revision 1707b132 (rsb-tools-cpp): added TODOs
R. Haschke
12:49 AM Revision d6e72a00 (rsb-tools-cpp): pretty print XML documents
R. Haschke


03:42 PM Revision 7fbc0e04 (rsb-tools-cpp): cmake + QT 4 compatibility fixes
M. Meier


06:10 PM Revision d4761101 (rsb-spread-cpp): Fixed assembly key derivation in src/rsb/transport/spread/Ass...
When forming the assembly key, the components of the notification
sequence number were masked via bitwise and but not...
J. Moringen
05:02 PM Revision d8bee708 (rsb-cpp): Added setQualityOfServiceSpecs calls in src/rsb/{Informer,Listener,R...
* src/rsb/Informer.cpp (InformerBase::InformerBase): call
setQualityOfServiceSpecs on the configurator object
* src...
J. Moringen
02:59 AM Revision 0f6168d3 (rsb-cl): Improved docstring of make-participant in src/protocol.lisp
* src/protocol.lisp (make-participant): in documentation string, mention
error signaled when participant creation f...
J. Moringen


11:06 PM Revision 1c9d3a22 (rsb-tools-cpp): expand FilterCombo in toolBar to maximum size
R. Haschke
10:50 PM Revision ef4629a5 (rsb-tools-cpp): Revert "auto-show FilterConfig dock"
This reverts commit ccd35c263eb98a7028088cf5818b405dab6ce0f0. R. Haschke
10:46 PM Revision 61b4a528 (rsb-tools-cpp): fixed "Enter" in lineEdit of FilterConfigForm
using a shortcut for the addButton fetched Enter too often
only key presses within the lineEdit should be considered
R. Haschke
10:46 PM Revision ab554bee (rsb-tools-cpp): drag&drop for FilterConfigForm
R. Haschke
09:14 PM Revision ec0f807f (rsb-cl): Fixed multiple replies to local calls in src/patterns/request-reply/r...
The local call detection could get confused when attempting to store a
reply after an earlier reply had already been ...
J. Moringen
09:00 PM Revision 0fdc7ace (rsb-tools-cl): Logger ignores implementation events by default in logger/main....
refs #1751
* common/variables.lisp (header): updated copyright
(*only-user-events-filter*): new variable; stores f...
J. Moringen
08:35 PM Revision a2ca9d46 (rsb-cl): Fixed keyword parameter handling in participant creation in src/**/*....
* src/protocol.lisp (make-participant): removed direction keyword
* src/participant.lisp: cosmetic change...
J. Moringen
06:54 PM Revision ba8d4e2c (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed license initarg in system definitions in *.asd
* cl-rsb-common.asd (system cl-rsb-common): fixed license initarg
(system cl-rsb-common-test): likewise
* cl-rsb-fo...
J. Moringen
06:10 PM Bug #2070 (Resolved): Call tool does not support the value false (and documentation is lacking)
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-manual|2861b43aefa0afedbb5587d6d6a2b8439327b31d. J. Moringen
04:36 PM Bug #2070 (Resolved): Call tool does not support the value false (and documentation is lacking)
J. Moringen
06:04 PM Revision 2861b43a (rsb-manual): Mention Boolean values in {call,send}.rst
fixes #2070
* call.rst (Description): mention syntax for Boolean values
* send.rst (Description): likewise
J. Moringen
05:55 PM Revision d6e5d8f9 (rsb-tools-cl): Improved Boolean support in parse-{payload,call}-spec common/ev...
refs #2070
`parse-payload-spec' and the new function `parse-call-spec' accept
"true" and "false" and report errors p...
J. Moringen
02:21 PM Revision e996e1f5 (rsb-tools-cpp): fixed cmake dependency issue
R. Haschke


10:15 PM Revision ccd35c26 (rsb-tools-cpp): auto-show FilterConfig dock
R. Haschke
10:14 PM Revision 10727f1a (rsb-tools-cpp): fixed hierarchic view in FilterConfigForm
R. Haschke
09:34 PM Revision ab15a674 (rsb-tools-cpp): some hierarchy in initial FilterTree
R. Haschke
09:27 PM Revision 1cd17bd0 (rsb-tools-cpp): fixed determination of top-level index
R. Haschke


05:34 PM Revision 491af43f (rsb-tools-cpp): added filter color chooser
R. Haschke


12:59 PM Revision 37407eb6 (rsb-cl): No need for re-initialization in src/transport/socket/connector.lisp
The connector is not properly re-initializable anyway and a
`shared-initialize' method can lead to problems with obso...
J. Moringen
04:00 AM Bug #2069 (Resolved): Decoding errors of Spread and socket transport are not reported properly
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|c214a0a2bba2873be4f8486429148aec65cc3995. J. Moringen
04:00 AM Bug #2068 (Resolved): Common Lisp implementation gets confused by converter configuration for oth...
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-cl|e2fba3f0cc61baaba563c2c2c4a8108306202bc2. J. Moringen
03:52 AM Revision c214a0a2 (rsb-cl): Fixed decoding error reporting in src/transport/conditions.lisp
fixes #2069
* src/transport/conditions.lisp (decoding-error-print-data): new
function; helper function for printin...
J. Moringen
03:34 AM Revision e2fba3f0 (rsb-cl): Fixed transport option extraction in src/configuration.lisp
fixes #2068
* src/configuration.lisp (transport-options): only process options whose
key has a single component wi...
J. Moringen


08:06 PM Bug #2069 (Resolved): Decoding errors of Spread and socket transport are not reported properly
Printing @rsb.transport:encoding-error@ instances signals an error when the value of the @encoded@ slot is not a sequ... J. Moringen
08:04 PM Bug #2068 (In Progress): Common Lisp implementation gets confused by converter configuration for ...
J. Moringen
06:51 PM Bug #2068 (Resolved): Common Lisp implementation gets confused by converter configuration for oth...
Configuration options like... J. Moringen


01:04 AM Revision 90433df8 (rsb-manual): Mention fixed URI problems in Common Lisp tools in news.rst
refs #1047
* news.rst (0.11): mention fixed problems in URI handling in Common Lisp
J. Moringen


08:02 AM Revision ad536bc1 (rsb-tools-cpp): restructured DefaultDialog
- store tuple of (widget, title, applyFunc)
- renamed ConfigForm.ui to more specific names
(Qt cannot handle identi...
R. Haschke
03:10 AM Bug #1047 (Resolved): Fix transport option processing
Commits got attached to #1045 by accident. Commits are:
J. Moringen
02:54 AM RSBag Revision df6b1048 (rsbag-cl): Handle inheritance of transport options in src/rsb/construction.lisp
refs #1045
* src/rsb/construction.lisp (header): updated copyright
(events->bag uri bag): allow inherited transpor...
J. Moringen
02:08 AM Revision 5897b6ce (rsb-cl): Store uninterpreted transport options in src/patterns/request-reply/s...
refs #1045
Child participants of the server will merge with defaults and interpret
the result. Thus storing uninterp...
J. Moringen


09:56 PM Revision 24d72bab (rsb-cl): Fixed cleanup of participants in examples/**/*.lisp
Some examples demonstrated created participants and storing them in
special variables without calling `rsb:detach' at...
J. Moringen
09:55 PM Revision b8966d0e (rsb-cl): Fixed test scopes in test/patterns/request-reply/{local,remote}-serve...
* test/patterns/request-reply/local-server.lisp
(define-basic-participant-test-cases local-server): added "/rsbtest...
J. Moringen
09:51 PM Revision a2a04035 (rsb-cl): Restored previously disabled/removed test cases in test/**/*.lisp
refs #1045
Participant creation test cases containing an initarg of the form
:transports ((t …) …)
did not work ...
J. Moringen
09:45 PM Revision cd1e1763 (rsb-cl): Fixed transport options processing and inheritance in src/**/*.lisp
fixes #1045
The previous implementation merged default options at all transport
option processing stages such as `ur...
J. Moringen
06:11 PM Revision 71de361e (rsb-tools-cl): Adjusted RPC-related column width specifications in formatting/...
refs #1780
The minimum width 57 of RPC request- and reply-related columns made them
disappear entirely for terminal ...
J. Moringen


05:01 PM Bug #688 (Feedback): Name resolution does not work with absolute package names
Marian suggested adding a rule to RST's style check tool for the meantime. J. Moringen
05:00 PM Tasks #1458 (In Progress): Implement configuration inspector tool
J. Moringen
05:00 PM Tasks #1002 (In Progress): Extend send tool
J. Moringen
08:59 AM Revision 95d88761 (rsb-tools-cpp): added FilterTree::getCompleter()
R. Haschke
08:48 AM Revision 2d00f404 (rsb-tools-cpp): added filter::ConfigForm
- copying FilterTree
- generate rsb::filter::FilterPtr from FilterTree::FilterItem
- code simplification
R. Haschke


01:16 AM Revision e9089ce9 (rsb-tools-cpp): cleanup includes
R. Haschke
01:11 AM Revision efe0f131 (rsb-tools-cpp): moved filterValidator to FilterTree class
R. Haschke
01:08 AM Revision 289a3d20 (rsb-tools-cpp): build static libs in subdirs
separate build dirs for individual source dirs
to allow for identical source file names and qt moc+ui generation
R. Haschke
12:20 AM Enhancement #865 (Resolved): Error conditions during style creation should be wrapped in a suitab...
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-tools-cl|fb86fe60c090401b107b6ef08349188fe1a922f3. J. Moringen
12:14 AM Revision fb86fe60 (rsb-tools-cl): make-style signals style-creation-error in formatting/protocol....
fixes #865
* formatting/conditions.lisp (style-creation-error): new condition;
signaled when creating a style inst...
J. Moringen
11:35 PM Revision 680c963e (rsb-tools-cl): Use architecture.service-provider for quantities in stats/*.lisp
Also add a `quantity-creation-error' condition and basic tests for
* stats/conditions.lisp: new fil...
J. Moringen
11:35 PM Revision 3922306e (rsb-tools-cl): Fixed a typo in stats/protocol.lisp
* stats/protocol.lisp (quantity-name): fixed type in parameter quantitiy
-> quantity
J. Moringen
07:00 PM Revision 0a05235d (rsb-tools-cl): Added missing dependency on cl-ppcre in cl-rsb-common.asd
The recently added file common/event.lisp depends on the cl-ppcre
* cl-rsb-common.asd (system cl-rsb-common)...
J. Moringen
06:57 PM Revision 4ae3f950 (rsb-tools-cl): Minor simplifications in call/main.lisp
* call/main.lisp (make-help-string): removed unnecessary `progn'
(main): simplified a `let' binding
J. Moringen
06:38 PM Revision 407d992d (rsb-tools-cl): Made non-existent IDL search path entries continuable in common...
* common/idl-options.lisp (process-idl-options): added a restart to skip
non-existent search path entries; simplifi...
J. Moringen
06:31 PM Revision 37a58ce3 (rsb-tools-cl): Error policy application and IDL loading in {call,send}/main.lisp
* call/main.lisp (main): apply error policy to more of the body,
including processing of options, in particular IDL...
J. Moringen
05:04 PM Revision 6b3dc0ba (rsb-tools-cl): Minor and cosmetic changes in formatting/*.lisp
* formatting/timeline.lisp (%cell): does not need a copier
(format-event eql :trigger timeline t): return immediate...
J. Moringen
04:13 PM Enhancement #2066: added WireSchemaFilter + FilterCombination
Please split this into two issues and two feature branches - one for each proposed filter class. J. Moringen
12:29 PM Enhancement #2066: added WireSchemaFilter + FilterCombination
source branch: enhancement-2066
R. Haschke
12:04 PM Enhancement #2066 (Feedback): added WireSchemaFilter + FilterCombination
WireSchemaFilter acts as a type filter, but could be applied before conversion
FilterCombination allows to combine s...
R. Haschke
12:59 PM Revision 5190f87f (rsb-cpp): merge branch 'enhancement-2066' into famula
R. Haschke
12:58 PM Revision 6c3f794d (rsb-cpp): adapted coding style
- use spaces instead of smart tabs
- replaced auto keyword
R. Haschke
12:33 PM Revision 48ce4ebf (rsb-spread-cpp): adapted to new API of rsc::debug (see issue #2063)
R. Haschke
12:19 PM Revision 71927316 (rsb-cpp): merge branch 'enhancement-2063' into famula
R. Haschke
12:19 PM Revision 87d10468 (rsb-cpp): merge branch 'enhancement-2066' into famula
R. Haschke
12:14 PM Revision 223f2df8 (rsb-cpp): implemented issue #2041: merge uri specification into ParticipantConfig
new methods:
- ParticipantConfig::Transport::mergeOptions(uri)
- ParticipantConfig::addTransport(uri)
- ParticipantCo...
R. Haschke
12:10 PM Revision f99e8206 (rsb-cpp): added FilterCombination: and / or combination of several Filters
R. Haschke
12:06 PM Revision 9fc1d832 (rsb-cpp): used new, simplified DebugTools syntax
R. Haschke
11:50 AM Revision 1fa7cf57 (rsb-cpp): removed obsolete include
R. Haschke
11:50 AM Revision 56a8aa31 (rsb-cpp): added TypeFilter.h to install targets
R. Haschke
11:50 AM Revision fb59c1c7 (rsb-cpp): added a WireSchemaFilter
R. Haschke
04:11 AM Revision 87beaa6a (rsb-manual): Mention width optimization for column-based styles in news.rst
refs #1780
* news.rst (0.11): mention the fact that column-based styles now compute
column widths dynamically inst...
J. Moringen
03:40 AM Bug #1778 (Resolved): timeline/scope style does not show anything if terminal is not wide enough
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-tools-cl|023407512034b4b05ef06b3403263526c2b8aa42. J. Moringen
03:40 AM Enhancement #1780 (Resolved): Improve width computation of column-based styles
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-tools-cl|023407512034b4b05ef06b3403263526c2b8aa42. J. Moringen
03:21 AM Revision 02340751 (rsb-tools-cl): Use width optimizer instead of switching tricks in formatting/*...
fixes #1780, fixes #1778
Use the simulated annealing column width optimizer in all column-based
styles, eliminating ...
J. Moringen
03:21 AM Revision 39790dda (rsb-tools-cl): Demoted origin columns in formatting/event-style-{monitor,stati...
User feedback indicated that the origin columns are rarely of
interest. This change makes the origin columns in compa...
J. Moringen
03:21 AM Revision 6a1e4899 (rsb-tools-cl): Infrastructure for using width optimizer in formatting/text-sty...
refs #1780
The new generic functions
J. Moringen
03:21 AM Revision 86ae603a (rsb-tools-cl): Simulated annealing column width optimizer in formatting/dynami...
refs #1780
Column width computations are now performed by a simulated annealing
optimizer that takes an available wi...
J. Moringen
03:21 AM Revision 514e5f01 (rsb-tools-cl): Wrap main body in with-print-limits in call/main.lisp
* call/main.lisp (main): wrap relevant part of body in
`with-print-limits' so logging and result formatting can use...
J. Moringen


09:54 PM Revision 76c84cdb (rsb-tools-cpp): add shortcut Del to remove current listner selection
simplified usage of autoAddListener: disable this feature as soon as a +/- button was used R. Haschke
09:53 PM Revision b9d68e76 (rsb-tools-cpp): implemented removeRows instead of removeRow
R. Haschke
06:03 PM Revision 0c1a410c (rsb-tools-cpp): improved configuration of listener::EventSource
- handle multiple additions/removal of same listener
- use const-ref where ever feasible
- share a single HandlerPtr ...
R. Haschke
05:17 PM RSBag Revision 4e2dd9d1 (rsbag-python): Use loggerbyclass
Uses the loggerbyclass package instead of a copied version of that
J. Wienke
05:17 PM RSBag Revision 44c0a2e8 (rsbag-python): setuptools uses install_requires instead of requires
Fix dependency management for setuptools. Setuptools uses the
install_requires keyword instead of requires.
J. Wienke
05:17 PM RSBag Revision 76498853 (rsbag-python): Use setuptools-epydoc
Use a dedicated package instead of a copy of the doc command. J. Wienke
05:17 PM RSBag Revision 4c13ec51 (rsbag-python): Use --on-error=continue
Allow to replay files with broken indices. J. Wienke
04:44 PM Revision deb097b1 (rsb-tools-cpp): again store EventItems directly instead of pointers to them
- heavily simplifies memory handling
- deque shouldn't move data around anymore (as vector did on reallocations)
R. Haschke
04:10 PM Revision 40e7eaca (rsb-tools-cpp): fixed config model update
update signal is now postponed until the end of all updates
this avoids a negative feedback loop, where the source tr...
R. Haschke
03:44 PM Revision cb72b0fa (rsb-tools-cpp): create nice, colored filter icons
R. Haschke
03:12 PM Revision 12f303e0 (rsb-cpp): used new, simplified DebugTools syntax
R. Haschke
02:46 PM Revision 53e2ca81 (rsb-cpp): added FilterCombination: and / or combination of several Filters
R. Haschke
11:48 AM Revision a5fc0889 (rsb-tools-cpp): switching contents of filterConfigDock with EventWidget
R. Haschke
09:48 AM Revision e04e2520 (rsb-tools-cpp): auto-scale image to current window size, maintaining aspect ratio
R. Haschke


12:28 AM Revision eb751c5c (rsb-tools-cpp): simplified EventViewWidget inheriting from QStackedWidget
delete toolbar with widget R. Haschke

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