From 11/29/2013 to 12/28/2013


08:39 PM Enhancement #1710 (Resolved): Change CLI to provide SVN/git-like subcommands for different tasks
Tasks identified so far:
* info
* record
* play
* cat
* transform (formerly merge)
Potential future tasks:
J. Moringen


09:23 PM Revision 3ab70379 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
09:22 PM Tasks #1709 (New): Document Java client API
J. Moringen
09:21 PM Tasks #1708 (New): Document C++ client API
J. Moringen
09:19 PM Feature #1707 (New): Support Java as a client language
J. Moringen
09:18 PM Feature #1706 (In Progress): Support C++ as a client language
J. Moringen
09:14 PM Revision 752124c2 (rsbag-manual): Added entry for 0.10 release in news.rst
refs #1688
* news.rst (RSBag 0.10): new section; release notes for 0.10 release
J. Moringen
09:14 PM Revision 7adcd28b (rsbag-manual): Explain :max-delay replay strategy option in troubleshooting.rst
* troubleshooting.rst (Replay without Gaps): new section; explain how
to replay events with clamped delay between a...
J. Moringen


05:42 PM Revision fe3ea45a (rsbag-cl): Fixed lambda-list of close method in src/backend/elan/file.lisp
* src/backend/elan/file.lisp (close file): TODO J. Moringen
05:42 PM Revision bfa04618 (rsbag-cl): Simplifications in src/backend/elan/file.lisp
* src/backend/elan/util.lisp (millisecs->timestamp): new function; moved
here from src/backend/elan/file.lisp
J. Moringen
05:41 PM Revision 21cc1f2d (rsbag-cl): Support LINGUISTIC_TYPE elements in src/backend/elan/{types,xml}.lisp
* src/backend/elan/types.lisp (linguistic-type/list): new type; stores
information about a linguistic type
J. Moringen
05:40 PM Revision 7e0297b2 (rsbag-cl): Support ANNOTATION_ID attribute in src/backend/elan/{types,xml,file...
* src/backend/elan/types.lisp (annotation/list): added id
* src/backend/elan/xml.lisp (xml-> element eql annotation/l...
J. Moringen
04:48 PM Revision 1122900f (rsbag-cl): Support XML Schema URL in src/backend/elan/xml.lisp
* src/backend/elan/variables.lisp (+schema-url+): new parameter; stores
the XML Schema URL associated to the ELAN f...
J. Moringen


10:45 PM Feature #896 (In Progress): Extend Elan backend
J. Moringen
06:51 PM Tasks #1698 (Resolved): Add Support Page to Documentation
Applied in changeset rsbag-manual|commit:6839b4454dd297e2b944811f5ae683db5c1dbcbf. J. Moringen
05:54 PM Tasks #1698 (Resolved): Add Support Page to Documentation
We should add a dedicated support page to the documentation that points to our mailing list, the IRC chat and further... J. Moringen
06:20 PM Revision ad38f15b (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
06:19 PM Revision 37692705 (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
06:16 PM Revision 1606dce6 (rsbag-manual): Backport: Describe support options on a dedicate page: support.rst
refs #1698
* support.rst: new file; contains support information like mailing list
and IRC channel
* troubleshooti...
J. Moringen
06:15 PM Revision 8cc6d232 (rsbag-manual): Fixed seealso directive in tutorial-client-api.rst
* tutorial-client-api.rst: fixed seealso directive J. Moringen
06:11 PM Revision 6839b445 (rsbag-manual): Describe support options on a dedicate page: support.rst
fixes #1698
* support.rst: new file; contains support information like mailing list
and IRC channel
* troubleshoot...
J. Moringen
12:21 PM Bug #1695 (Resolved): Fix failing tests of tools
J. Moringen


09:45 AM Revision 52a3028e (rsbag-cl): Support VERSION, FORMAT, TIME_UNITS attributes in src/backend/elan/...
* src/backend/elan/types.lisp (version/cons): new type; represents a
version with major and minor part as a cons ce...
J. Moringen
09:42 AM Revision eeae0967 (rsbag-cl): Support AUTHOR attribute in src/backend/elan/{types,xml,file}.lisp
* src/backend/elan/types.lisp (file/list): added author;
* src/backend/elan/xml.lisp (xml-> element eql file/list): s...
J. Moringen
08:58 AM Revision f69b472e (rsbag-cl): Fixed :direction :io in src/backend/elan/file.lisp
* src/backend/elan/util.lisp: new file; contains utility functions used
by the ELAN backend
* src/backend/elan/file...
J. Moringen


12:24 PM Revision 027a7877 (rsbag-cl): Test suite for ELAN backend in rsbag-elan.asd, test/backend/elan/pa...
* test/backend/elan/package.lisp: new file; contains package definition
for tests of the ELAN backend
* rsbag-elan....
J. Moringen
09:11 AM Revision 3433059b (rsbag-cl): Minor improvements in src/backend/tidelog/*.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/util.lisp (read-chunk-of-length): use
* src/backend/tidelog/gene...
J. Moringen
07:54 AM Revision a1fec04a (rsbag-cl): Improved index and channel reconstruction in src/backend/tidelog/fi...
* src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp (shared-initialize :after file t): added
local function `ensure-channel' which chec...
J. Moringen


05:34 PM Revision 2d1ec15e (rsbag-cl): Better SBCL gc hack in src/backend/tidelog/repair.lisp
The gc hack for SBCL used to gc after each chunk which could lead to
performance problems.
* src/backend/tidelog/rep...
J. Moringen
05:33 PM Revision 9a644356 (rsbag-cl): Added protocol for tidelog backend in src/backend/tidelog/protocol....
* src/backend/tidelog/protocol.lisp: new file; contains protocol
functions for the TIDELog backend
* src/backend/ti...
J. Moringen
05:25 PM Revision 5a494b2f (rsbag-cl): Reconstruct indices and channels in src/backend/tidelog/file.lisp
* When CHNK blocks but not all INDX blocks (or none at all) have been
read or something goes wrong during index con...
J. Moringen
07:03 AM Revision 2f488aed (rsbag-cl): Better restarts when scanning log files in src/backend/tidelog/io.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/io.lisp (scan stream eql :tide): better and more
efficient retry, continue and abort restarts...
J. Moringen
04:15 AM Revision 121a3733 (rsbag-cl): Restart lambda-lists in function-calling-restart-bind in src/util.lisp
The restart specifications in `function-calling-restart-bind' now accept
lambda-lists. While this information is not ...
J. Moringen
03:57 AM Revision b25c2f2a (rsbag-cl): Check TIDE block in src/backend/tidelog/io.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/io.lisp (scan stream eql :tide): actually check
TIDE block, in particular the block class and...
J. Moringen


05:24 PM Revision 5bb3763d (rsbag-cl): Check TIDE block in src/backend/tidelog/io.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/io.lisp (scan stream eql :tide): actually check
TIDE block, in particular the block class and...
J. Moringen
04:08 PM Revision 75e384bb (rsbag-cl): Continue, abort restarts in reconstruct-indices in src/backend/tide...
* src/backend/tidelog/repair.lisp (reconstruct-indices): use
`function-calling-restart-bind' to provide `continue' ...
J. Moringen
11:02 AM Revision 3d763c47 (rsbag-cl): Added find-next-block in src/backend/tidelog/repair.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/repair.lisp (find-next-block): new function;
return file position and class of next block
* t...
J. Moringen
09:54 AM Revision 2029bc3c (rsbag): Updated HEAD of submodule rsbag-manual
J. Moringen
09:49 AM Revision 36879c4d (rsbag-manual): Mention negative values of --{start,end}-index in common.rst
refs #941
* common.rst (Replay-related Options): discuss interpretation of
negative values of --{start,end}-index
J. Moringen
09:43 AM Enhancement #941 (Resolved): Support negative arguments to --{start,end}-index in bag-{cat,play}
Applied in changeset rsbag-tools-cl|commit:53227c0fd7bce9cc94926227acb74d020d45d993. J. Moringen
08:25 AM Revision 6d78fcb6 (rsbag-cl): Allow negative {start,end}-index in src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins....
refs #941
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp (bounds-mixin::start-index):
changed type allow `integer' instead ...
J. Moringen
08:07 AM Revision 53227c0f (rsbag-tools-cl): Improved --{start,end}-{index,time} in common/options.lisp
fixes #941
* common/options.lisp (make-replay-options): allow negative integers for
--{start,end}-index; describe ...
J. Moringen
06:46 AM Revision 8945ef5f (rsbag-cl): Better time- and index-bounds handling in src/rsb/replay/strategy-m...
* src/rsb/replay/strategy-mixins.lisp
(shared-initialize :before bounds-mixin t): signal
`incompatible-initargs' ...
J. Moringen
03:33 AM Revision 550f62a8 (rsbag-cl): Test relative time-based start, end specifications in test/rsb/pack...
* test/mock-backend.lisp (simple-channels): stretch entry timestamps
over a short temporal range to allow time-base...
J. Moringen


01:18 PM Revision 761445b4 (rsbag-cl): Better replay-related conditions in src/rsb/{conditions,protocol}.lisp
* src/rsb/conditions.lisp (connection-condition): renamed
connection-error -> connection-condition; changed supercl...
J. Moringen
05:34 AM Revision 77301bfd (rsbag-cl): Added construction test cases in test/rsb/*.lisp
* test/rsb/recorded-timing.lisp
(define-replay-strategy-construction-test recorded-timing): new test;
test constr...
J. Moringen
05:31 AM Revision 5d7c96aa (rsbag-cl): Added/extended smoke tests with simulated errors in test/rsb/*.lisp
* test/rsb/fixed-rate.lisp
(define-replay-strategy-smoke-test fixed-rate): added cases testing
the error-policy i...
J. Moringen
05:30 AM Revision abd613f9 (rsbag-cl): Allow introducing simulated errors in test/mock-backend.lisp
* test/mock-backend.lisp (get-entry mock-backend integer integer):
signal a simulated error if the entry is the sym...
J. Moringen
05:28 AM Revision ba8212cb (rsbag-cl): Removed "skip hack" for replay in src/rsb/replay/*.lisp
* src/rsb/protocol.lisp
(define-condition-translating-method replay t t): new method;
translate errors into `even...
J. Moringen
01:26 AM Revision 54c19f8f (rsbag-tools-cl): Do not dump a compressed binary in main/dump.lisp
This speeds up tests. For packaging, compression is achieved by
re-dumping the binary before installation.
* main/du...
J. Moringen
01:06 AM Enhancement #941 (In Progress): Support negative arguments to --{start,end}-index in bag-{cat,play}
For timestamps, this seems to be supported since commit:rsbag-cl|47f97dbb195255cbef5656260c94de14fb6a05b3. J. Moringen


12:39 AM Revision 2a572dce (rsbag-tools-cl): Use make-style in bag-cat/main.lisp, scripts/export-video-as-...
* bag-cat/main.lisp (main): use `make-style' instead of
`find-style-class' and `make-instance'
* scripts/export-vid...
J. Moringen
12:16 AM Revision b213fa77 (rsbag-tools-cl): Use with-open-connection in bag-{record,cat,play}/main.lisp
* bag-record/main.lisp (main): use `with-open-connection' and pass
error-policy keyword argument to to `events->bag...
J. Moringen


10:45 PM Revision 8acafe14 (rsbag-cl): error-policy in events->bag, bag->events in src/rsb/{protocol,const...
* src/rsb/protocol.lisp (events->bag): accept error-policy keyword
parameter; extended documentation string accordi...
J. Moringen


02:16 PM Feature #1677 (New): Support explicit backend selection
# Add a commandline option for forcing a backend
# Use new configuration system for backend selection and configurat...
J. Moringen


01:04 AM Revision d3565fd4 (rsbag-cl): Added function-calling-restart-bind in src/util.lisp
* src/util.lisp (function-calling-restart-bind): new macro; establish
restarts the behavior of which can be provide...
J. Moringen


09:35 PM Revision 9c4e2b71 (rsbag-cl): Fixed block class lookup in src/backend/tidelog/*.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/conditions.lisp (no-such-block-class-error): new
condition; signaled when a given byte patter...
J. Moringen
06:00 PM Revision 381aba31 (rsbag-cl): Minor improvements in src/backend/**/*.lisp
* src/backend/util.lisp (print-offset): fixed order of at? and colon?
* src/backend/package.lisp (packag...
J. Moringen
05:59 PM Revision 1d35bcb6 (rsbag-cl): Added print-hexdump in src/util.lisp
* src/util.lisp (print-hexdump): new function; print a sequence
of octets as lines of hexadecimal numbers and corre...
J. Moringen

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